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Your Guided Journey to Digital Transformation

Hybrid IT and Cloud

Build your securely connected cloud ecosystem. Whether
public, private, or a combination-with Lumen.

Integrated Solutions.

We’ll manage any or all of your cloud-based solutions so you can stay
laser-focused on your business goals.

SAP Ecosystem. Extract analytical value from your data using Managed SAP services from Lumen and expertise to improve governance and business decision making.

Managed Enterprise. Free up time to focus on business differentiation and growth by letting us operate and manage your core business applications with 24/7/365 dedicated support.

Big Data as a Service. Mine actionable business insights from your data to improve customer experiences, reduce churn, optimize operations and manage risk.

Resiliency Services. Maintain the continuous operation of your business applications and network even in the event of an outage with Lumen redundant failover network services.

Internet of Things. Connect everyday things to the Internet and make them work together to accelerate digital transformation in smarter ways.

Hybrid Cloud

Our hybrid cloud services are ready for whatever
complexity you throw at them.

Multi-Cloud Management. Move beyond ad-hoc, multi-vendor cloud management to consistent provisioning, monitoring, optimization and configuration.

Private Cloud. Gain greater security and control with a private cloud while maintaining flexible access to cloud-based applications for your business.

Cloud Connect. Network your cloud environments with low-latency, reliable and secure interconnections available for most cloud service providers.

Bare Metal. Quickly and efficiently respond to your ever-changing IT infrastructure needs with bare metal hosting services that deliver what’s most important to your business.

SaaS Applications. Take an easier path to the cloud and choose only the exact software applications your business needs from a full portfolio of solutions delivered as a service.

Public Cloud. Leverage the reliable, pay-as-you-go scalability of the Lumen public cloud to deploy cost-effective applications.

Data Centers

Secure Internet access and server interconnections
within Cyxtera-owned data centers are designed to
meet your company’s exact Hosted Area Networking

Regional Data Centers. Secure and reliable Hosted Area Network connections within Cyxtera-owned data center

Storage and Recovery

High performance storage options and reliable disaster recovery. From standard block
storage to disaster recovery, Lumen offers a range of flexible storage solutions that scale
with your workloads. Block storage products support up to 20,000 IOPS and can include
14 days of rolling disaster recovery for Premium service, which makes it easy to revert
servers and recover data. Our Cloud Object Storage service supports flexible hosting of
any type of file, and is accessible for a variety of use cases.


CenturyLink Block Storage is highly flexible SAN-based storage that offers high performance with a minimum of 2,500 IOPS. As your business needs change our solution allows you to dynamically resize disks or add more to match the storage needs of your virtual machine on your own.


Object Storage offers enterprise-grade efficiency that hierarchical file systems can’t. Every file stored in our object storage is automatically replicated to provide built-in high availability.


Known as SafeHaven, our disaster recovery as a service protects your on-premise and/or Lumen Cloud® data and production servers from downtime and data loss. It deploys quickly and includes essentials like live failback, live test failover, and protection groups for data volumes in multi-tiered applications.

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